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Finally. No chlorine. No tears.

UVION sets standards in chlorine-free water treatment.

Our products effectively combine two proven physical processes. UVION combines an immediate UV disinfection with a POSIDERM long-term effect. This long-term effect is achieved by positively charged, skin-friendly ions.

The innovative feature of the UVION process is the intelligent control – which was specially developed in UVION’s R&D department and in cooperation with the Technical University of Chemnitz. This ensures that exactly as many ions enter the pool water as are needed to protect it effectively against pathogens and algae. All the advantages of the two methods combined and reliably regulates the processes.

This even meets the quality requirements for drinking water without using chemicals such as chlorine. UVION has a patent on adjusting the intensity of ionization to the demand, which is determined by sensors in the water.

Effective. According to the test protocol, 1.0 million germs can no longer be detected after just 30 seconds. The disinfection effect complies with the specifications of DIN 19643, Part 1.

Believe what you see. Open your eyes – even under water. Our Europe-wide reference customers will confirm it. UVION sets standards for the chlorine free water treatment.