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Finally. No chlorine. No tears.

Open your eyes in crystal clear water.

Today, more than 90% of all swimming pools are still disinfected with chlorine.
Effective, but how many risks and side effects do your customers accept for it?

THE SOLUTION: The chlorine-free water disinfection from UVion!

Open your eyes in crystal clear water.
Germ-free due to UV disinfection – sustainably protected by POSIDERM long-term effect.
Save money and enjoy your free time.

Eyes open… for the new pool pleasure.

Don’t shed a tear for chlorine.
Uvion offers you the innovative and reliable chlorine-free water treatment.

Advantages of the UVION process

  • immerse yourself in crystal clear, germ-free water
  • no change in taste and odor
  • no red eyes and no skin irritation
  • No procurement and storage of hazardous chemicals for disinfection
  • No corrosion on components, especially indoors
  • save up to 80% of operating costs compared to other disinfection processes
  • childproof
  • environmentally friendly
  • Simple handling
  • Almost maintenance-free, only control function