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Finally. No chlorine. No tears.

Short introduction to water care for non-professionals

Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are constantly entering every swimming pool through the environment or through bathers. Through cell division, these germs multiply permanently. In addition, there are various algae that are formed in the water by sunlight. The warmer the water, the faster the number of these pests grows . In summer, it only takes a few days for a freshly installed pool to turn completely green from algae and germs.

To prevent this, one usually uses chemical substances, such as. Chlorine to destroy these germs. Chlorine has the advantage that it acts quickly due to its high oxidation effect. The disadvantage of chlorine is that when the pathogens are burned, chlorine degradation products are formed, which on the one hand cause the well-known unpleasant odor, and on the other hand also cause reactions in humans, which cause the reddened eyes or itchy skin. These so-called chloramines are suspected of being carcinogenic. The ever-increasing number of allergy sufferers, especially among children, causes them to develop severe skin rashes in a chlorinated pool. In addition, the high oxidation effect of chlorine causes components in the pool to rust and colors to fade. Chlorine has the additional disadvantage of escaping into the environment through sunlight. As a result, on a very sunny day, the chlorine literally disappears into thin air. Due to the combustion of the pathogens and algae and because of the losses via the air, chlorine must be added again and again. This causes permanent costs.

Summary: The more bathing and the warmer the water, the more chlorine consumption and the more harmful chlorine degradation products (chloramines).

How does the UVION process work?

As in any swimming pool, a so-called filter pump sucks the water from the pool and pushes it back into the pool through a filter (usually filled with sand). All solid substances larger than the distance between the sand grains or the pores in other filter materials remain in the filter.

UVION does not use chemicals in the usual sense. After the filter, the water is forced through a UV ionizer by the filter pump before it is returned to the pool. The germs pass through a stainless steel tube in which a lamp emits highly concentrated UV light. The wavelength of 254 nm in UV light, as emitted by the sun, has the property of destroying living organisms. This is because the DNA of the pathogens is damaged and they can no longer reproduce.

After the UV chamber, the water passes through another ion chamber. In this two electrodes are arranged at a small distance. Due to a low voltage that is completely harmless to humans, small invisible biocidal ions detach from one electrode and want to migrate to the other electrode. However, the passing water carries the ions with it and so they enter the pool.

The ions have the property of destroying water germs and algae by damaging the cell wall and causing them to die. In addition, the ions combine the killed remains of the algae and germs into so-called flocs. These are still very small, but large enough to no longer fit through the filter material. They get stuck in the filter and are carried down the drain when the filter is backwashed. This effect of biocidal ions has one more advantage. Residues of it remain on the skin after bathing and continue to have a disinfecting effect. As a result, small skin injuries and inflammations heal faster.

What distinguishes UVION from other UV ionizers?

Already Paracelsius said: The quantity makes the poison. Like everything, it is always a question of concentration whether a substance is useful or dangerous. The oxidizing properties of chlorine, when overdosed, act in a way that can cauterize the lungs. Incidentally, chlorine accidents make headlines almost every year in public swimming pools.

Some ionizers release ions into the water without checking the amount. As a result, either too few of them are in the water and the effect is lost. Or too many of them get into the pool, which then leads to discoloration on the foil or harms the body in the long run if you drink the pool water by the liter.
With the Comfort series from UVION, this is prevented by intelligent measurement and control technology. The water is led past a light sensor. A drop of a dye is added to the water in a measuring cell. If the value of the ions is still very low, the water in the measuring cell will only change color slightly. The light sensor then determines the value and also shows it in the display. Using sophisticated software, the electronics release more ions at the electrodes. If a more intense coloration is measured within the measuring cell by the light sensor during the next measurement, the intensity of the ion release is reduced or switched off. This ensures that constantly a relatively constant value. This is much less than is allowed in drinking water, but sufficient to destroy pathogens and algae and provide clear pool water.

This sensory measurement for the controlled release of the ions is unique and patented worldwide at UVION. This makes UVION’s UV ionizers a bit more expensive than those from some other suppliers. However, only UVION ensures that there are enough ions for clear water but also not too many to turn the film black or be harmful to health.
You can drink their water in a UVION pool without hesitation.

Another difference between UVION’s products and those of other suppliers is the integrated, fully automatic pH regulation. It ensures that the pH value in your pool is permanently measured and the value 7.0- Neutral- is maintained. This makes your water neither acidic nor alkaline. Ultimately, the intelligent UVION electronics even regulate your filter pump. Once enter the times and the filter pump automatically turns on and off together with the complex water treatment. If there is any problem, it will be indicated in the display.
The UV Ionizer Comfort from UVION allows you to enjoy a relaxed bath without chlorine. No other product in the world can offer you chlorine-free water treatment with a sensor-measured and demand-controlled combination of UV and ionization.
In addition with the pump control and monitoring and the pH value control compact in one product every price comparison is worthwhile. If you want to know more about our products or even about water care in general, contact us. We will be happy to help you or to put you in touch with a competent specialist in your area.