... more than 90% of all swimming pools are still disinfected with chlorine. Effective, but how many risks and side effects are your customers willing to take?

  • handling of dangerous chemicals
  • danger of over-dosage
  • skin provoking and allergies
  • watering eyes
  • disturbing chlorine smell
  • corrosion of construction units

The UV-Ionizer works with 230 V and consists of an UV-reactor, a transparent ionizing chamber, an integrated computer with a lit display of several lines and a temperature sensor. All components are already pre-mounted on a mounting plate.

The measurements of the base-plate are w/h 55 x 105 cm. The total weight is 20 kg. The UV-Ionizer is ready for plug-in and be needs to be fastened to the a wall or a suitable rack perpendicularly. Optionally a pH-dosage-system is offered, which is also fastened on the base-plate and electrically attached.

The fully developed electronic of UVION takes over the complex regulation of all processes of the pool operation and gives references and measuring data in plain text in the configured national language. The integration of the pump regulation allows you to adjust up to three different filtration cycles. You can select between „daily “, „weekday “or „weekend“ and program the filtration for different times.

Parallel to the UV-lamp the ionization turns on, which releases free ions into the water. The ionizing current is limited from 0 to 200 mA/12 V. The electrodes are used by a constant polarity change evenly. Their durability depends, similarly to the UV-lamp, on the use and lasts up to 2 or 3 bathing seasons.

Besides that, the UV-Ionizer regulates the ionizing current in dependence of the water temperature. This means, that with a higher water temperature and a higher germ growth, more copper ions will be released than with lower water temperature.

This automatic regulation of process dependent parameters is an advantage in competition of the technology of UVION, because an over or under dosage of copper ions is not possible. If an error at the electronic rule unit should be signaled, then you can pick out possible errors directly over the information in the menu and examine the source of the error. The noncompliance of the pH value is signaled just like the one of the copper value by an error message. Therefore the pH value is also entered at expiration of the maintenance in the menu.