The UV treatment is identically present in all of the UVION plants, because only a certain wavelength of the UV light eliminates pathogens.

A patented electrical system regulates the electrolysis of the biocidal ions in dependence of the pool size, the used filter pump and the water temperature.

UVION prepares the water reliable, whether it is cold or warm. This demand-related regulation is one-of-a-kind among the manufacturers of ionization devices.

The display shows a menu in the language of the user, in which different parameters can be adjusted and useful information's can be read.

The integrated pump controlling device allows the user to choose the time of the water purification and to choose between several cycles.

The pH value must be controlled regularly by hand with the ECO series.

Equipment characteristics:

  • UV lamp with stainless steel housing
  • transparent ion chamber
  • lit LCD display with menu guidance in plain text
  • integrated temperature sensor with digital announcement
  • monitoring of the lamp function with integrated hour meter
  • high-quality electrodes without impurities through alloys
  • long life span of the expendable material
  • high-speed screw-type caps for the easy exchange of expendable material
  • error messages and analysis through the LED display
  • compact building method, ready to install made in Germany