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How important is the pH-value?

The pH-value is important for each disinfection method, also for the UV-Ionizer. The ideal pH-value is 6.8. With a pH-value above 7.0 the biocidal ions, necessary for disinfection, would transform and lose their effect. It can also cause a milky turbidity of the water.

Therefore, UVION offers the UV-Ionizer with a pH-dosage system, which automatically measures the pH-value and adjusts it.

How can I calculate the ideal filtration time?

The filtration time depends on the size of your pool and the pump used. Basically, the pool water has to be conducted three times per day through the filter.

This means, for example, in a pool with a volume of 30 m³ and a circulating pump with a throughput of 10 m³ / h, that it takes 3 hours to circulate the complete pool once (30m³ : 10m³/h = 3h). This result times 3 (3h * 3 = 9h) equals an ideal filtration time of 9 hours per day.

The integrated intelligent pump control of the UV-Ionizer allows 3 selectable filtration cycles, which can be adjusted to the individual needs.

Can I integrate a heat pump in the cycle?

Yes. The heat pump should be integrated after the UV-Ionizer and before the pool. This is important, because the heated water of the heat pump should not affect the temperature sensor of the UV-Ionizer.

What can I do if, despite an adequate filtration time, turbidity occurrs?

Turbidity is caused by more or less small dirt particles. These can not be absorbed by the filter medium due to their size. To increase the size of the dirt particles, please add flocculant to the water. The appropriate dose is given on the supplemental sheet of the flocculant. The flocculant binds the small dirt particles into flakes, which are eliminated in the filtering process.

What can I do if the measured concentration of ions is too high?

The generation COMFORT regulates the ionization by identifying the concentration of ions through the measuring cell, an overdose is impossible.

For the generation ECO, please proceed as follows.

Reduce the ionization current in the settings of the UV-Ionizer. The content of biocidal ions decreases slowly.

Please replace some pool water with some fresh water, if you want to reduce the concentration quickly.

What can I do if the measured concentration of ions is too low?

The concentration of ions is below the desired value. The disinfection effect is insufficient and the water can turn green because of the algae growth. Increase the ionization current in the settings of the UV-Ionizer.

Check the cu-value during the next maintenance and increase or decrease the ionization according to the display. After a certain time the value will stabilize and the correct ionizing performance is attained.

The ionization current does not build up correctly

The ionization current does not build up correctly. The reason could be the conductance of the water. Is this too low, the voltage between the electrodes wont build up and the ionization current can not flow. A handful of salt can help.

Another reason might be a film on the electrodes. Make a visual check and remove this film with commercial vinegar.

Blue salt formation at the electrodes

Blue salt formation, the reason could be a too high pH-value, from 7.0 hydroxide-complexes begin to form, their color is blue. By reducing the pH-value they will dissolve step by step and the voltage can rebuild better again.

What should I consider in case of a hibernation?

To prepare the pool for the winter, just set the ionization current to the maximum value, which increases the silver concentration in the water and a certain amount will be present in the water. Additional hibernation means can be added to the water. After the shutdown of the equipment, please empty the UV-Ionizer to avoid damage from frozen water.

Where do the black spots underneath my pool foil come from?

If a swimming pool, made of concrete with a PVC film, was not built according to the regulations, which means, there was no fungicidal protective fleece and an insulating PE release film used underneath the film, it can lead to mold growth behind the film. The fungi then passes through the film of the pool and unattractive black spots will occur. If using chlorine, the chlorine atoms penetrate through the film and block the formation of fungi. However, this method shortens the life of the film. We therefore recommend, if constructing a pool, to make sure that such a protective fleece is used and the additional use of a separation layer (bottom protective film made of polyethylene (PE)). The biocidal ions block the formation of algae and pathogenic germs in the pool water, but do not get through the film and can therefor not kill the mold behind it. Since the UV-Ionizer works on the basis of ionization, we do not recommend to use in a pool, which is not built according to the regulations.

How can I remove the black spots?

If black or dark spots occur on the pelvic floor, a chlorine shock will help. But, it will prevent the formation of mold behind the film only for a certain time.